Gerrit Heyns

Current Activities:

At Osmosis, we collect and analyse audited effluent data from the world’s largest publicly traded companies in order to identify those companies that are better at creating more from less.  From that, we objectively and systematically identify the most sustainable large cap global business and create baskets of investment portfolios for large institutional investors. These baskets tend to generate returns that challenge global benchmarks.


I was brought up in the US, but spent more than 20 years building and managing emerging market equities businesses for global and regional banks in the Far East and Russia, before settling in London in 2009.   I am an accidental investment manager, coming to the business as an interested and enthusiastic  angel investor before being smitten by the energy and the opportunities in the sustainability space. Together with my partners at Osmosis, I have helped to develop a unique and powerful perspective on sustainable investment focused on resource constraint and economic pragmatism.  We manage money for pension funds, endowments, insurance companies, family offices and wealth managers across Europe and the UK.  I am a regular contributor on sustainability and resource efficiency at conferences and seminars and like to share my views on these and related topics as often as I can.


Resource constraint, resource efficiency, systematic sustainable investment.

Email: Gerrit.Heyns[at]