Hugues Chenet


Current Activities:

Mobilizing Financial Institutions and Governments to shift the Finance Sector towards sustainable investments, working with all types of stakeholders (Private and Public Finance, Policy Makers, Non-Financial Companies, Research and NGOs).


Hugues co-founded the 2° Investing Initiative [2°ii] in 2012 and now serves as Scientific Director. 2°ii aims to promote the integration of climate and environmental constraints, and more broadly the long-term financing needs of the economy, by the financial industry and the relevant regulatory framework.

Previously, Hugues worked as for OTC Conseil (finance and management consultancy), where he developed the Environmental Risk Practice and headed the Sustainability Team oriented at the financial sector. He worked in various environments with either a “quant” or “sustainability” expertise, from Risk Management departments of Corporate and Investment Banks to reputation risk at Financial Groups level. In 2011 he co-authored an innovative study and report for the French Environment and Energy Agency (ADEME) on valuation of climate risks and opportunities in financial analysis.

Hugues holds a PhD in Geophysics. Prior to his work in Finance, he worked in academia for seven years (Institute of Earth Physics of Paris [IPGP], Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency [JAXA]), and lived in Tokyo for two years.


  • Interdisciplinary approaches involving Finance and its connections to both Economy and Environment
  • Climate Change economic and financial impacts, mitigation and adaptation investment scenarios, forecasts and forward looking approaches
  • … defining what a climate-friendly investment is
  • Connecting academic research with real needs
  • Connecting non-profit “activist” approaches with decision makers, targeting concrete impact

Email: hugueschenet[at]


Twitter: @2degreesinvest