Iveta Cherneva


Iveta Cherneva is an author in the spheres of security, politics, human rights & sustainability. Her career includes work for the UN, US Congress, Oxford University and think tanks in several of the world's diplomatic capitals (Washington DC, Geneva, New York, Stockholm, Sofia and The Hague). Iveta is the author of Trafficking for Begging (2011) and The UN Security Council, the ICJ and Judicial Review (2013), editor of The Business Case for Sustainable Finance (2012), and a co-author of Regulating the Global Security Industry (2009). Appointed as Atlantic Council young leader in 2012 and as William H. Donner Human Rights Fellow in 2007, Iveta is a frequent commentator to media such as TIME, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, International Herald Tribune, The Economist, Washington Post, Forbes, Euronews, El Pais, Sydney Morning Herald, Al-Jazeera, Radio France and USAToday. Her articles appear in peer-reviewed academic journals such as The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs, Essex Human Rights Review, Buffalo Human Rights Law Review, and the Intercultural Human Rights Law Review. Iveta has testified before the UN Working Group on business and human rights, and has been commended for leadership by NATO's Secretary General and Congressman Chris Smith.


I am interested particularly in the intersection of public and private. I would define my expertise as public-private engagement knowledge, drawing on experience with a few platforms and frameworks in the field. I am mostly interested in win-win solutions backed by strong commercial incentives, and less in ethical or responsible lenses to financial sustainability.

Email:  iveta.cherneva[at]graduateinstitute.ch