Ivo Mulder

Ivo Mulder

Current Activities:

  • Over the past years I've worked on various projects, especially within UNEP, to increase (mainstream) interest from financial institutions to more systematically integrate environmental risk issues such as climate change effects, water scarcity and ecosystem degradation in loans, bonds, equities and other financial products.
  • I've founded the Natural Capital Declaration, an initiative to mainstream natural capital integration in the finance industry that have been signed by CEOs of more than 40 financial institutions. In addition, as part of the NCD I've help initiate a number of innovative pilot projects such as E-RISC (Environmental Risk Integration in Sovereign Credit analysis), Water Risk Valuation Tool (with Bloomberg), and the Corporate Bond Water Valuation tool (with GIZ).
  • Currently, I'm coordinating the economics-related work of the UN-REDD Programme as part of UNEP. This includes working with more than 60 partner countries. As we move forward a growing onus will be placed on working with private sector companies - including but not limited to those in the financial industry - to put in place policies and measures to reduce deforestation or forest degradation.


Ivo Mulder coordinates the REDD+ economics work of UNEP as part of its role in the UN-REDD Programme (an inter-agency initiative managed by UNEP, UNDP and FAO that works with +50 partner countries).

Prior to that he was a Programme Officer at UNEP Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) where he managed the work on ecosystems, water and biodiversity. During the four years at UNEP FI he built a team and founded the Natural Capital Declaration, which aims to mainstream natural capital integration in the financial sector. He also directed an innovative project on sovereign credit risk (called E-RISC), and initiated the UNEP FI REDD+ and Sustainable Land Use programme.

Ivo has over ten years of professional experience working with UNEP, the private sector and NGOs on building the business case for companies and governments to deal with challenges related to climate change, water scarcity and availability as well as ecosystem degradation. He has published more than forty articles and reports.

Ivo sits on the Steering Committee of the Natural Capital Declaration (NCD) and the Steering Group of the Natural Capital Coalition (formerly TEEB for Business). He holds a MSc in Environmental Sciences from Wageningen University in the Netherlands.


  • Stranded assets: quantifying how different types of environmental risks can affect the value of the underlying asset
  • Environmental risk: ecosystems (natural capital), water, climate change
  • Policy and financial regulation: interested how policies by governments can incentivize the private sector to reduce environmental impacts

Email: ivo.mulder[at]unep.org
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ivomulder