James O'Loughlin


James O’Loughlin is the founder and CEO of JOL Consulting; a firm which reviews and advises on investment processes in the fund the management and energy trading industries; which advises investment institutions on fund manager selection processes, and which also advises on the development of responsible investment functions for institutional investors.

James has over 27 years experience in the investment industry as a consultant, as Head of Investment Process at the Co-operative Insurance Society, as a global equity strategist, as a fund manager and as an investment analyst.

His first book, The Real Warren Buffett: Managing Capital, Leading People, explains Warren Buffett’s unique strategy for making effective leadership, management and investment decisions. As a work-in-progress, his next book explores the nature of expertise and the necessary ingredients of expert investing.

Prior to founding JOL Consulting, James researched the theory of decision making in order refine and develop institutional investment processes and to initiate change management programmes around these. He trained and coached professional investors, marketed fund management services to institutional and retail customers and developed a proprietary fund manager rating system, which scores the decision-making process that sits under fund manager performance.

The Real Warren Buffett has been translated into ten different languages and sold over 32,000 copies. It has also been featured the Financial Times as one of six outstanding books on great business leaders. James has written articles for the Financial Times, The Guardian, Chief Executive Officer and Business Voice (the magazine of the CBI), and he also contributed a chapter to the 2004 edition of the FT Handbook of Management. He has given talks on expert decision-making and expert investing at Cass University Business School, Manchester Business School, Ashridge and to a number of groups in the U.K., U.S., and Europe. He has also run numerous behavioural finance training courses for institutional investors and traders.


1. Complex systems performance
2. The behavioural aspects of individual and group performance
3. Fund manager performance
4. Corporate governance

Email: james[at]jolconsulting.com