Jeanne Stampe

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Current Activities:

As the Asia Finance and Commodities Specialist, Jeanne’s role is to develop strategies, partnerships and other forms of engagement with financial institutions that help deliver the conservation mandate for the Asian offices of WWF. WWF seeks to assist financial institutions to address the challenges of sustainable development by integrating environmental and social issues in commodity financing, delivering better risk management and financial performance, and developing new financial products to accelerate sustainability improvements at the production level. Jeanne works with banks, investors, regulators and stock exchanges in Asia to drive change on the ground.


Jeanne Stampe joined WWF International in 2011 as the Asia Finance and Commodities Specialist.  She brings with her finance experience from over 8 years of private equity investing in Europe and SE Asia with Apax Partners and Affinity Equity Partners.  Prior to this, she spent 5 years at Goldman Sachs London and Credit Suisse New York on structured finance and M&A deals. In 2012, she co-authored the WWF Palm Oil Investor Review and in 2014, she was the project leader and editor of the WWF ESG Integration Guide for Banks which was accompanied by a series of workshops across South East Asia. She was the project leader and co-author of the 2015 report on Sustainable Finance in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia which sparked industry level changes in Singapore and Indonesia. In 2016, she published the WWF Asian Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sustainability Guide. She graduated with an MA in Economics from Cambridge University.


  • Environmental and social risk management by banks
  • Adoption of ESG practices by Asian investors including SWFs
  • Engagement by institutional investors with Asian corporates on E&S issues
  • Transparency and corporate disclosure/sustainability reporting guidelines

Email: jstampe[at]