Jeremy Burke


Jeremy Burke is the Director, Strategy at the UK Green Investment Bank. He was previously its finance director, where he was responsible for the finance function of the Green Investment Bank Group. Jeremy joined GIB from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills where he led on strategic financial planning. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and has worked in the private and public sector in Melbourne, New York and London. Jeremy is currently the chair of school governors at Grange Primary in Southwark and was previously involved with the Alternative Technology Association in Melbourne.


Jeremy is interested in the ability for capital markets (and in particular the providers of capital) to provide a rapid pro-active response to the unique short and long-term challenges that Climate Change presents.

Related to this he has an interest in inter-generational issues as they relate to Climate Change, demographic change and the ability for investment decisions by older generations to consciously leave a legacy to future generations that reflects their desires.

Outside of financial interests he is keen to see Government policies that support and encourage rapid de-carbonisation at the community level as an appropriately designed carrot will surely be more successful than a stick.

Email: jpsburke[at]