Juan-Pablo Bórquez

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Juan-Pablo Bórquez is an independent consultant with significant experience as an attorney and economist. He started his professional career in corporate and investment banking and in 1991 started his law and consultancy practice providing specialized advisory services in the areas of finance, energy, competition, economic and financial disputes. He has extensive practical experience as negotiator of numerous transactions and complex disputes as well as in the structuring and execution of an array of financings, projects, acquisitions and divestment of assets. A regarded expert in energy matters he advises in electricity generation, transmission and distribution in regulation, pricing, sale and procurement, project finance, litigation and settlement. Between 1997 and 2003, he chaired the Board of Directors of INDISA, a health care public company that trades its stock in the Santiago Stock Exchange. Most recently he has pioneered and expanded his practice into Corporate Governance and ESG advising investors and issuers in their fiduciary duties in the assessment and rating of such practices and its impact on sustainable performance.

Mr. Bórquez earned his degree in Economics (1983) from the Universidad Católica de Chile and his degree in Law (1987) from the Universidad de Chile, the two most prestigious universities in Chile. Professor of the Faculty of Law of the Universidad de Chile since 1988 until 2013 where he lectured in Law and Economics, Capital Markets, Negotiation and Environmental Economics. In 1994 he was Visiting Scholar at Yale Law School. He has also done research work in pension systems, foreign debt renegotiation and health care insurance and authored several articles in the fields of privatization, securitization, asymmetric competition, regulation and energy. He also participates in entrepreneurial ventures in digital media, competitive energy markets and information technologies.


  • ESG practices and company performance
  • Evaluating company ESG performance
  • Corporate Governance practices, capital markets functioning and integration
  • The tangible value of Corporate Governance practices
  • Fiduciary duties of professional investors

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