Julian Poulter



Julian is the Executive Director of the Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP), publishers of the world’s only Global Climate Index for asset owners and the world’s leading independent body for climate disclosure by the world’s largest institutional investors. AODP has driven substantial change in the way investors look at climate risk. He is also a director of the Climate Institute of Australia.

He is a GRI stakeholder council member and Chair of the GRI Investment working group.

Before entering the not-for-profit sector in 2007, Julian had a long career in business and finance. He was Chief Executive Officer of two consulting and software companies and has held many senior executive in large organisations. He has managed large projects and operations in many diverse industries including investment, finance, oil and gas, manufacturing, venture capital, energy, distribution, retail and information Technology,

Julian left the commercial sector in 2007 having realised the potential of the capital system to solve climate change where politics has failed by addressing short termism in the investment system. He has been widely published on finance, investment and general sustainability issues.

Web: www.aodproject.net

Email: disclosure[at]aodproject.net

Twitter: @AODProject