Julie Gorte


Current activities:

In my position as Senior Vice President for Sustainable Investing at Pax World, I oversee the ESG research and advocacy on sustainability issues. Pax works to integrate ESG analysis with financial analysis for our five actively managed funds, as well as for our two index funds. A summary of our investment approach, which we call sustainable investing, is on our website, which briefly explains how we use environmental, social and governance factors in constructing our portfolios. There is also a summary of our activism, as well as our proxy voting guidelines and proxy votes, which we believe truly capture the intent of sustainable investing.


Julie Fox Gorte, Ph.D. is the Senior Vice President for Sustainable Investing at Pax World Management LLC. She oversees Environmental, Social and Governance-related research on prospective and current investments as well as Pax’s shareholder advocacy and work on public policy advocacy.

Dr. Gorte serves on the boards of Ceres, the Sustainable Investments Institute, the Endangered Species Coalition and the American Sustainable Business Council. She serves as the co-chair of the Asset Management Working Group of the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiatives and is on the steering committee for UNEP’s workstream on biodiversity.

Prior to joining Pax, Dr. Gorte served as Vice President and Chief Social Investment Strategist at Calvert. Her experience before she joined the investment world in 1999 includes nearly 14 years as Senior Associate and Project Director at the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, Vice President for Economic and Environmental Research at The Wilderness Society, Program Manager for Technology Programs in the Environmental Protection Agency’s policy office and Senior Associate at the Northeast-Midwest Institute. Dr. Gorte received her Bachelor of Science in Forest Management at Northern Arizona University and a Master of Science and Ph.D from Michigan State in resource economics.


I am interested in the entire field of sustainable investing, but my particular areas of expertise and passion include climate change and environmental impact, the business/financial case for sustainable investing, sustainable corporate governance, and women’s empowerment. In particular, with respect to Japan, I would love to see the nation make more progress in empowering women in corporate life. Japan has, arguably, one of the world’s best educated and least utilized female workforces, and particularly with the economic difficulties the nation has had, addressing this problem might also help the nation to move past the economic doldrums. I am also quite happy to work with this group on anything related to climate change (both mitigation and adaptation) as it intersects with investment, as well as energy topics, ranging from the impact of fracking (water, fugitive methane emissions) to the role of nuclear and fossil fuels in the transition to a greener energy economy.

Email: jgorte[at]paxworld.com