Karel Leeflang

Current Activities:

After 20 years in corporate life, I now run a boutique strategy consultancy that focuses on the cross roads of strategy and people (innovation, collaboration and complexity reduction).  We work with large and small organisations (quoted and private, VC and PE)  on helping their business become more sustainable.  We also have a number of (non-paying) clients that are either startups (many in the digital and technology sector) or social businesses (e.g. collaborative consumption, crowd source initiatives, digital civil servant).  One of our main objectives is to help our clients follow and implement the "one-for-one" principle, i.e. when you take one unit of resource out of society, you need to put one back in.

I am also involved in developing collaboration platforms to accelerate knowledge transfer and development.


My career spans senior HR, compensation & benefits and strategy roles in companies like Cadbury Schweppes, Unilever and Barclays Bank and have worked on every continent.  In these very different companies I have personally experienced how on one hand short-termism leads to unhelpful behaviour and substantial untended consequences, while taking a long-term perspective and a broad mission leads to a highly engaged business where many tiny steps contribute to a healthy commercial enterprise with happier employees, customers and stakeholders and a tangible positive impact on the various parts of the environment in which these businesses operate.

I specialise in helping organisations identify their long-term value drivers and customer approach.  We then work to identify required capability requirements and build, buy, borrow and develop this capability.  We usually find that the key missing factor is people - typically a combination of a mismatch between executives and their role, performance systems that encourage actions and behaviours that do not support long term value generation and individual thinking capability in some executives that is not up for the task.