Katharina Beck


Current Activities:

  • Large European Oil & Gas company – sustainability IR strategy: Guided the development of a sustainability-driven Investor Relations / capital markets strategy
  • Global reinsurance company – sustainability strategy and communication: Analyzed  the corporate environment (trends, competitors, stakeholders) and designed and wrote the first sustainability report (GRI) and reframed the sustainability website
  • Global alliance for banking on values – HR strategy: Led a study on the HR activities of the member banks (“sustainable banks”) of the organization in order to develop a joint HR strategy; developed a sustainability-specific HR questionnaire; conducted interviews with the HR managers of the banks; discussed the results of the study with the CEOs of the banks
  • Largest German sustainable bank – talent development: Designed and conducted in-house trainings on sustainability
  • European institute for sustainable banking – trainings: Designed and conducted expert seminars for several management functions of the member banks of the organization; Designed and moderated week-long summer schools on sustainable banking (90 participants)
  • German Ministry for consumer protection – information platform on financial advice: Design of an informative website & brochure on the implications for consumers of different forms of financial advice, including respective remuneration incentives


Katharina Beck is Consultant at Accenture Strategy and Sustainability Services, with a specialization in sustainable Banking and Finance, which means that she works with the FS industry on sustainability and also with other industries regarding their relation with the (ESG-integrating) capital markets. Before joining Accenture, Katharina was department head at the European research institute for financial services and consumer protection, worked at Schlange & Co., a consultancy specialized in Corporate Responsibility (CR) and served as director of two international NGOs: at the Institute for Social Banking, she globally promoted sustainable banking and finance via trainings, workshops and communication, and as the president of oikos International, she contributed to further establishing sustainability within Economics and Management curricula at leading universities. Katharina has also founded “Schöne neue Welt delüx!”, an agency that uses design to make sustainable lifestyles more attractive. Katharina has thorough experience in strategy development, sustainability communication (corporate and journalistic) and in the design and moderation of conferences, workshops and trainings.

Her education reflects her generalist and international sustainability interests with a focus on sustainable banking, finance and management; Katharina has a degree in business administration with a specialization in Finance from the (distance-learning) University of Hagen, Germany, a Certificate in Social Banking and Social Finance of the University of Plymouth, UK, and a “Diplom” (equals the combination of Bachelor and Master) in Regional Sciences of Latin America (Politics, Literature, International Law, History) of the University of Cologne, Germany, and the University of Tucumán, Argentina.

Katharina is a LEAD Fellow – Leadership and Sustainability.

Katharina lives in Hamburg. Originally, she is from the Rhine-area (Düsseldorf/Duisburg/Cologne) and throughout her life has also lived in Panama, Argentina and Switzerland. She is fluent in English, Spanish and, of course, her mother tongue German. She can also be contacted in Portuguese or French.


  • Definition of sustainable financial markets: What is the role of Banking and Finance in the economic/societal systems?
  • Power and decision-making structures: What is the potential of the financial sector to contribute to sustainable development?
  • Cultural aspects of change and behavior in sustainable financial markets: How can we – in the financial industry – make sustainability more attractive than current non-sustainable (economic) behaviors?

Email: katharina.beck[at]accenture.com

Phone: 0049 175 5767818

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/katharinabmbeck