Leandro Carrera


I am a research officer at the London School of Economics’ Public Policy Group (LSE PPG), a research and consultancy unit. I hold a masters’ degree and a PhD in political science, both from the University of Arizona (USA). My research interests are broadly related to public policies and the public sector. At the LSE PPG, my work focuses on measuring the performance of the public sector in providing key services such as social security benefits and tax collection. Another stream of my research, spanning out of my PhD thesis work, focuses on analysing how European and Latin American countries are introducing reforms to their pension systems to account for an ageing population and increasingly unsustainable public pension schemes.


Given the consequent expansion of private DC plans, I am therefore interested in analysing how efficient government are in regulating and hold accountable second pillar private pension funds, to ensure that they focus on long-term sustainable investing. I think this is an area where domestic and international actors bear a lot of influence which, nonetheless, has been barely analysed by political economy literature.

Email:  l.n.carrera[at]lse.ac.uk