Louis Perroy


Louis has worked in the environmental and Climate Change field since 2000. He was a partner for Deloitte in Australia within their renewable energy team and subsequently headed their environmental team in Paris. He then worked for EcoSecurities and Climate Change Capital in France and in the UK. After a period in Hong Kong where he participated on the set up of a China/Asia private equity fund focused on investing in environmental companies; he is now based in Brussels where he works with EcoSecurities. He represents the firm for their consulting activities in the European capital city.

Prior to working in the environment, Louis has worked in financial services company using his actuarial skills for over 15 years. He had been a partner for Deloitte based in Hong Kong, heading their actuarial financial services practice in Asia excluding Japan, for over 8 years. Previously, he worked as a life insurance actuary for insurance companies such as AXA and GAN-Groupama in Paris, Hong Kong and London.

Louis holds an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College (London) and is also a qualified actuary in France and in the UK.

Louis is fluent in French and English and has a conversational level in Mandarin (one year course at UIBE – Beijing).


Climate change will require an enormous change of our economies in due course, and hopefully sooner than later. This will only be possible with a strong political will and public support.  However this will also mean to have in place the financial mechanisms which will render this change feasible and efficient.  This will require the financial services sector to be fully geared towards making this enormous switch possible. 

Email: louisperroy[at]yahoo.com.hk