Luisa Nenci

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Current Activities:

Creating the shift from a traditional financial sectors toward one promoting the green economy


Luisa is CEO and Founder of SustainValues, which scope is  to promote the real value of sustainability and the sustainability of values. SustainValues developed a business model which enables banks to evaluate the better profitability of green or greener enterprises in economical terms. Through the financial evaluation of parameters which represent the sustainability of the company together with the ethical understanding on how to implement these indicators,  an ethical  credit rating can be build to share the good governance of the bank with its clients and suppliers.

Luisa is an Italian environmental economist, now living in Spain, who since 2003 has been working as sustainability practitioner, specializing in strategic planning and operational plan development for projects and companies. Previously, after a  degree in Economics, Luisa gained eight years’ experience in the SME and Corporate banking sector in a medium-sized financial institution in Italy and then in China as a technical advisor for governmental, private organizations and commercial banks to enable/facilitate market access of SMEs to the Chinese market. She has had  always being interested in development economics and how to effectively implement sustainable development. Therefore, following her Master in Environmental Management and Development, she fully committed to sustainability, working on several different projects for the implementation of sustainability in Australia, Syria, Spain, Croatia, Albania, Morocco and Tunisia.


What brings me to the NSFM, is the possibility of collaborating/partner in further  research, which is needed to define the characteristics of green financial products the bank should provide to match the new financial requirements green companies have.

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