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Since 1983 Marcy has worked on the integration of civic moral and sustainability issues in corporate and capital decision making, as a scholar, author, educator, and entrepreneur. Currently, she is developing expertise on how web-based platforms can contribute to investor and corporate accountability, as well as broader public education, engagement, and effectiveness on these topics. She is co-founder and editor of The Murninghan Post and founding president of The Lighthouse Investment Group (1987), which provides consultation and analysis on values-based fiduciary duty, stewardship, and corporate responsibility issues. In addition, she currently serves as a Senior Research Fellow at AccountAbility and serves on both the Advisory Council and the Steering Committee for the Educational Review Committee of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). In July 2013, she also drafted an educational blueprint for the forthcoming SASB Institute. Marcy has provided strategic policy and program advice, along with white papers, to many groups, including: the Harvard’s Kennedy School Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative; Harvard Law School’s Islamic Finance Project; the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Ceres, the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR), KLD Research & Analytics, the Council on Foundations (on ethics in philanthropy, and integrating civic moral values into investment policy and practice), the Ford Foundation (on equity ownership for South African trade unions), The Boston Foundation (crafting the nation’s first community foundation responsible equity ownership policy), the New York State Comptroller (on implementing the MacBride Principles), and numerous other organizations, including institutional investors, NGOs, and corporations. She has written extensively on these topics for various academic and mainstream publications, and taught courses and held fellowships at Harvard Divinity School, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Tufts University, and Babson College. She holds a doctorate from Harvard, a master’s degree from Antioch, and a bachelor’s degree from Albion College.

Two recent publications are relevant here: Marcy's update to "Common Sense and Civic Virtue: Institutional Investors, Responsible Ownership, and the Democratic Ideal", originally published in 2003 and republished, with an update, in 2013 by the New England Journal of Public Policy, and "Money and Morality: Pathways Toward A Civic Stewardship Ethic", an article based on a plenary talk I made at the 9th Harvard Forum on Islamic Finance, and published in the Proceedings, Building Bridges Across Financial Communities: the Global Financial Crisis, Social Responsibility, and Faith-Based Finance.


Current interests are in using digital tools to expand public education, engagement, and empowerment regarding capital investing and the public interest, with a special focus on endowments--something that's been at the center of my work for the past 30 years. My dream: build a U.S. Civic Stewardship League, with local chapters, populated by local civic leaders and representing the public interest. Its purpose: hold investors, business activity, and government accountable for their capital decision-making--wherein "capital" is defined in multiple ways, human, social, natural, financial, and civic moral.

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