Margherita Gagliardi



Margherita is Communications Officer at Carbon Tracker. She has responsibility for media relationships, partnership building and event organization. She also brings graphic and visual skills, which she is applying to Carbon Tracker re-branding process, infographic design, website and social media management. Upon graduating with a MS in Cultural Management at the University of Bologna, she worked in a communications agency in Barcelona and in a NGO in Brussels. During the last three years she also collaborated with a communications consultancy focused on creative industries based in Bologna. In 2013, she graduated from a Masters in Green Management, Energy and CSR at Bocconi University in Milan and completed an internship supporting the Advisory Service and ESG Research teams at Sustainalytics, Amsterdam.


Carbon Tracker is a non-profit organisation working to align the capital markets with the climate change policy agenda. We are applying our thinking on carbon budgets and stranded assets, across geographies and assets classes to inform investor thinking and the regulation of capital markets.


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