Mark Wist

Current Activities:

As an asset consultant in Australia, my efforts are in drawing attention to the principles through inclusion in asset allocation strategies and investment policy drafting for investment management clients. I am also Chair of the Oceania Education and Standards Board for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors ( and as a consequence on the Board of the World Regions. I am also on the Board of the Oceania Property Strategy Board for RICS as well as a Judge for the Australian Property Institute's Excellence on Property awards.


Mark Wist BPA Rgd Val MPINZ AAPI MRICS MAICD MIoD is a Director and Founder of Property Resolutions Ltd and is now based in Australia. Subsequent to the more than seven years with Property Investment Research (PIR) in Australia (now Aegis) as Director of Research where he was responsible for all research and editorial output in listed and unlisted property securities (REITs), fund manager assessment, conference and seminar presentations and media liaison, Mark is now also a Doctoral student at the University of Reading currently studying towards a PhD in real estate finance.

Over a 20 year career as a professional, Mark has developed expertise in investment analysis and evaluation, investment consultancy, research, asset management, property valuation, risk assessment & governance, corporate advisory, strategy creation/implementation, fund manager appraisal, construction/project management and due diligence analysis specialising in real estate. He has been a property valuer /appraiser and a National Research Manager. Mark was also Head of Research & Consultancy for one of the UK’s largest valuation partnerships where he gained a corporate real estate qualification from Cambridge International Land Institute. He is a Chartered Surveyor and Registered Valuer.


Principles 1 and 8 are of most particular interest to me. I am resident in Australia however have worked in New Zealand and the UK. This gives me some appreciation of the global nature of property juxtaposed against its necessary local context. I have witnessed loopholes being exploited and regulation being retrospective and reactionary - allowing product issuers opportunity to front-run the rules and create product which may not be consistent with the spirit of the law, but flirt with the inappropriate application of it. Principle 1 is of interest as I have seen too many product put to investors which add no economic value - their only apparent purpose being to generate fees on the justification of being a viable investment alternative.