Matthew Tilbrook


Matt is an associate with Turquoise International, corporate finance advisors in the energy and environment sectors, where he is involved in structuring and capital raising for renewables and cleantech companies and projects.  He is also involved in investment analysis of early stage for the Low Carbon Innovation Fund, for which Turquoise is the fund manager.  Matt has a BSc(Hons) in Physics from the University of Western Australia and a PhD in Materials Engineering from the University of New South Wales, and has completed the three exam levels in the CFA Program.  He has previously worked in private equity and project finance, after completing a postdoctoral fellowship in engineering at Cambridge.


I am most interested in the Climate Change and long-term investors Working Group.  Coming from a scientific/engineering background and having moved into finance several years ago, it has become obvious to me that addressing the issues of climate change and global resource management represent a huge challenge for engineers, economists and others, and that financiers have an important role to play.  I currently work for Turquoise Associates, a corporate advisory firm in the energy and environment space.  We mainly work with fairly early stage companies and projects which are probably smaller than most of the initiatives likely to be funded by climate bonds, but we also work in financing renewables and waste projects which provide a more likely fit with the needs of institutional investors.

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