Michael Harper

Current Activities:

Through TalentGenesis I have spent the last twenty years assisting corporations in the alignment of strategy, management structure and talent. In this work we have come to recognize the criticality of longer time horizons for anticipating risk, identifying third order consequences and exercising judgment on the part of all stakeholders. As associates of Organization Capital Partners we are aligned with the thinking and support the work of Karol Leflang and Mark Van Clieaf to influence corporate leaders and directors to embrace their legal, fiduciary and ethical duty to protect the long term interests of current and future enterprise stake holders. While we are competency experts, our value-add is in brining research-based design to organizational structure, identification future leaders, development and coaching of the whole person to fit the role requirements at each level of management.

By 'whole person’ we assert that success depends on the requisite skill and knowledge and the right balance of cognitive, behavioral, psychological, social, adaptive learning and personal motivation required. Getting the talent ‘right’ requires getting the role ‘right' which requires getting the management structure ‘right’.

Personal Mission:

Educating and coaching leaders in the consequences of their world view and decision-making have been central to my work. The trillions of dollars in lost equity over the last twenty years is the outcome of a failure of due diligence, risk awareness, foresight, duty of care, complexity thinking and judgment. While personal wealth-building is a positive driver of organizational success and societal advancement it must be channeled and held accountable by external stakeholders whose mental models, time horizons and risk sensitivity exceeds that of corporate leadership. No greater greatest risk nor economic opportunity, lies in our foreseeable future than maintaining ecological balance and achieving a low carbon future. This awareness must guide the identification and development of future leaders, the selection of directors and pension managers, the investment decisions of investors, and the election of local, state and national leaders and representatives.


My early career was focused on creating and implementing new hospitality service concepts, managing a living design lab, qualifying potential acquisitions, managing marketing, and being an owner-operator. My mid-career was in executive search and managing outplacement services. The later stage of my career has focused on consulting in organization structure design, talent management and executive coaching. While working primarily with US based companies, their needs have given me the opportunity to work with management teams across three continents and multiple cultures.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point with five children, I spend my free time reading widely, supporting the arts and building my skills as an artist and sculptor.

Email: mharper[at]talentgenesis.com

LinkedIn: ldrmkr