Michael Nagy


Mr. Nagy joined Christian Brothers Investment Services (CBIS) in 2016 as Director of Institutional Development and Consultant Relations. Prior to joining, Mr. Nagy was Director of Institutional Sales at Oak Ridge Investments, Director - Consultant Relations Manager at Aviva Investors, and Associate Director of Institutional Business at Henderson Global Investors. In these roles, Mr. Nagy was responsible for key institutional consultant relationships, representing a diverse range of investment products. Mr. Nagy started his investment career at GE Asset Management as a Senior Trade Specialist. He graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering.


  • Adding new metrics to measure success.  Countries are currently ranked based on how quickly they can burn through resources (GDP per capita).  There should (and inevitably will) come a time when growth does not measure progress.  This applies to countries, companies, and individuals.
  • Promoting cost and resource savings as a superior form of investment return.  For most individuals, reducing expenses by 5% is more valuable than growing financial investments by 5%.  Especially when adjusted for risk.  This should apply to large organizations as well.
  • Campaign finance reform and removing the political influence of corporate profits.  I feel that social media could play a key role in this effort, and have some ideas to share.

Email: mnagy[at]cbisonline.com