Michael Siebecker


Professor Siebecker is a Visiting Professor at Washington University Law School and an Associate Professor at the University of Florida College of Law. After graduating magna cum laude from Yale University, he earned a J.D. and LL.M. from Columbia Law School where he was a James Kent Scholar. As a President’s Fellow at the Columbia University Graduate School, Professor Siebecker received an M.Phil. and currently remains a doctoral candidate in Political Science. Prior to joining the University of Florida law faculty, Professor Siebecker spent four years at the New York firm of Cravath, Swaine & Moore as an associate in both the litigation and corporate departments.

Professor Siebecker’s research addresses the intersection of corporate law, social science and political theory, focusing primarily in the areas of securities regulation and corporate governance. His recent publications include “Building a ‘New Institutional’ Approach to Corporate Speech” published in the Alabama Law Review, “Corporate Speech, Securities Regulation and an Institutional Approach to the First Amendment,” appearing in the William & Mary Law Review, and “Cookies and the Common Law: Are Internet Advertisers Trespassing on Our Computers?,” published in the Southern California Law Review. Recently, Professor Siebecker represented a group of socially responsible investment firms as amicus curiae in Nike v. Kasky, a commercial speech case before the U.S. Supreme Court.


Crafting appropriate regulatory structures for the world’s financial markets requires a nuanced, interdisciplinary understanding of the nature of corporations, the internal and external factors influencing corporate behavior, and the relationships between corporations, stakeholders and society in general. Such a comprehensive approach simply attempts to inject realism into regulation. To diminish threats to market integrity, regulatory policies should better attend to the complex web of social, economic and political factors affecting corporate incentives and function over time.

Email: siebecker[at]law.ufl.edu