Mimi Reichenbach


Mimi Reichenbach is a current student at Yale University (B.A., 2016). She is an Environmental Studies major with a concentration in Human Health. In 2014, she interned at Braemar Energy Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on clean energy technology. Mimi is also a part of the Yale Office of Sustainability, as a Student Coordinator for Davenport College. This past fall, Mimi took Cary Krosinsky’s seminar at Yale on Business and Sustainability.


There is great potential for clean energy technology to replace traditional fossil fuel based energy providers. Yet in order for this transition to occur, financial incentives must be implemented that can level the playing field between clean technology and fossil fuels for both research and implementation. I am interested in the NSFM because as a group the focus is on changing investors’ outlooks towards a sustainable future, which is an integral part of the transition to a clean energy based economy.

Email: mary.reichenbach[at]yale.edu