Paul E. Hughes


Paul E. Hughes (Masters: Urban Affairs and Public Policy) is a business entrepenuer and innovator of eco-friendly and socially responsible programs and businesses designed to address all areas of bringing sustainibility to life. He is president and founder of The Green Fox Energy Group, a complete green home and business service company that provides energy audits, renewable system analyses, options for green retofits, building energy upgrades, consulting, and the “10 Year Energy Independence Plan”.

He is the CEO and a founding member Of Bean Stream Inc.

He designed and developed a sales tracking process in Real Time for POS systems technology that delivers logarithmic predictive charts and sales analyses for vertical businesses focused on sales reporting from POS systems installed at music stores.

Paul spearheaded the capital acquisition ($2.2 million) and Negotiated contracts with Universal Music Group, Virgin Records, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Mediabase.

Paul is a State Certified Green Educators and lectures at Colleges, Universities, Symposiums and businesses on; Sustainable Technologies, Innovative Green Business Design, Consrvation of Energy, The Home Energy Independence Plan, as well asassisting homeowners with innovative methods of reducing mortgage costs through tax credits, rebates, and other green home initiatives.

As founder and executive director of the Environmental Communication Foundation, Paul has maximized his humorous style in promoting alternative energy solutions through several media sources. “The Great Green Home Show” (WILM 1450), produced, written and hosted by Paul, is an entertaining and educational program on green building and conservation, the latest stimulus package, Green Jobs, while featuring trade specialists, local politicians, youth, and activists.

“The Green Fox Mystery Series”, a set of eco-educational books written by Paul and his staff for children grades 3-5 was a big hit at this years Great Gren Expo. This years expo had over 75 booths and 15 different Green Autos. Paul directed and produced the first large scale event of its type, “The Great Green Expo”, held annually at the Chase Riverfront Convention Center in Wilmington, Delaware. Ed Begley, Jr. was the celebrity host for the 2009 event.

Environmental Communication Foundation work has earned him Letters of Endorsement from Vice President Joseph Biden, Congressman Michael Castle, Michael Riska (Ashland Nature Center), the Delaware Horticultural Society, and the University of Delaware. Paul is in high demand as speaker, educator, and consultant, but in his free time he can be found relaxing with his cats and dogs at home or riding the waves at the Delaware beaches.