Peer Zumbansen


Professor Peer Zumbansen has been the Canada Research Chair in the Transnational and Comparative Law of Corporate Governance at Osgoode since July 1, 2004. Prior to joining the faculty, he researched and taught at the University of Frankfurt and spent the academic year 2001-02 as a Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy ( ). He has also held Visiting Professorships at the University of Idaho College of Law and at Osgoode. His current research in private law focuses on corporate governance, comparative company law and the implications of different political economies in shaping the 'constitution of the firm'. He is Founder of the interdisciplinary Comparative Research in Law and Political Economy (CLPE) research network at Osgoode and Editor of the CLPE Research Paper Series ( He is an Affiliated Member of the Canadian Centre for German & European Studies at York University and Université de Montréal ( ). Together with Professor Russell Miller of the University of Idaho College of Law, Professor Zumbansen is the Co-Founder and Co-Editor in Chief of the monthly English-language legal periodical German Law Journal - Review of Developments in German, European & International Jurisprudence ( ), and of the Annual of German & European Law , a hardbound collection of articles and book reviews, published every year by Berghahn Books (Oxford/New York). He is also Co-Editor of the German legal quarterly, Kritische Justiz ( ). In 2007 Prof Zumbansen founded the Crititical Research Laboratory for multimedia projects on global cities [CRL], funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (Co-Investigators: Patricia Wood [York Geography], Brenda Longfellow [York Film]). The CRL hosts the weekly "Reading Lab", an interdisciplinary research seminar on urban governance methodology and a number of global cities related research projects.


Corporate/Commercial Law, International Law, Legal Theory, Comparative Law, Urban Planning, European Studies.

Building on Karl Polanyi's 'Great Transformation', Peer Zumbansen's research combines a comparative and evolutionary perspective on the contemporary development of corporate and capital markets law. Incorporating the premise, recently reiterated by Nigel Thrift, that capitalism is in constant change and need of adaption, law is here explored as a learning mode of regulation, co-evolving with capitalist forms of production. Polanyi's 'double movement', then conceived with view to the nation state's intervention into an increasingly globalizing economy, must now be re-formulated to capture both the cross-jurisdictional formulation of traditional legal responses as well as the newly emerging, self-regulatory governance forms by transnational actors in a global knowledge society. A concurring book project on the interaction between corporate law and securities regulation with Armin Kammel, CLPE Research Associate at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto is part of this research project.

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