Peter Roselle



Current Activities:

  • Judge for 2013 Morgan Stanley / Kellogg / Insead Sustainable Investing Challenge
  • Speaker at Agrion event, “Casting a Vision for the Impact Investing Movement”, April, 2014 (summary attached)
  • Speaker at Johns Hopkins Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility, July, 2014
  • Member Rutgers Institute for Ethical Leadership
  • Advisor to Shared Value Initiative
  • Portfolio Manager for Pelican Bay Group Sustainable ESG portfolios


  • BA Economics / MBA Finance both from Seton Hall University
  • Certified Financial Planner designation awarded in 1989
  • Certified Portfolio Manager designation awarded in 2010
  • Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley since 2007
  • Member of the Champions Group at Morgan Stanley designed to facilitate dialogue on the Investing with Impact Platform launched in November, 2013 (see attached)
  • Member of the Pelican Bay Group at Morgan Stanley


I have a passion to see the advancement of sustainable economic principles and to promote sustainable investment practices so that they are integrated into all aspects of the capital markets.

It is exciting to be involved in a movement that promotes and rewards strong corporate governance, prudent stewardship of global natural resources and humane labor and social business practices.

It is also encouraging to see silos of mis-information crumbling in an age of increasing corporate transparency – sometimes voluntary, sometimes forced by the rapid advance of social media and the power of the free press.

In my daily activities I continually debunk the myth that responsible investing equals concessionary returns.

On the contrary, I firmly believe that companies that celebrate and integrate ESG principles into their core cultural values will earn greater profits with less risk.

Email: Peter.Roselle[at]