Raj Thamotheram

Current activities:

Raj is setting up a new consultancy to provide strategic advisory and mentoring services on “investing as if the long-term matters”, but is mainly focused on launching “Preventable Surprises” and “Positive Deviants Club”,  plus growing NSFM and other responsibilities related to this role as President.


Raj Thamotheram photoI have worked for nearly 15 years in the investment world, first for a large pension fund, then with a large investment manager and now with my own consultancy. My last job was to develop specialist responsible investment funds and be the catalyst for mainstreaming of Responsible Investment at the organisation level. This is important and more organisations should be doing this but in parallel to this bottom up approach, we also need to see the system evolve. This has led me to help to launch the Institutional Investor Group for Climate Change, "Managing pension funds as if the long term really did matter" competition, Pharma Futures, Enhanced Analytics Initiative, Marathon Club, International Roundtable on Executive Remuneration, Principles of Responsible Investment and the first fund in Europe focused on human capital management as an source of alpha.


To get to a more responsible investment/financial market system, we need all the talent and influence we can find and I can’t see a better way of marshalling this human capital than a wiki type process. I also like the idea of individuals choosing to organise in the way that suits them at any given time and on any given project.

I’ve always wondered about the waste of talent - the people who work at organisations that belong to these initiatives but who don’t have the job titles that allow them to get involved. I'm talking about the people who are in charge of remuneration, risk, HR, etc. And even more so, what about the people who are concerned about these issues but who work at organisations that may not yet be part of the solution at the corporate level? I think this Network could be a good vehicle for these individuals.

Email: rthamotheram[at]gmail.com