Ralf Frank


Ralf Frank is managing director of DVFA, the society of investment professionals in Germany. He is also global coordinator of ESG related activities of EFFAS, the European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies. Ralf has led DVFA and EFFAS through the process of drafting Key Performance Indicators for ESG from the perspective of mainstream investment professionals which fill a gap between traditional financial analysis and the typical SRI communities’ way of valuation. Ralf is very interested in questions on corporate governance and longterm-viability as well as enhanced, investor-oriented corporate reporting and disclosure. Managing surveys on expectations and perceptions with investment professionals at an ongoing basis, he is also interested in how perceptions on sustainability and corporate governance change throughout time and what drivers of change are.


I would like to join the network because I think a lot can be done to arrive at more responsible financial markets – and my focus would always be on doing, rather than evangelizing. I do appreciate that there are plenty of initiatives around the globe with the objective to create awareness in the financial markets for longterm viability, responsibility etc. However, my approach would be to look at applying change and changing the system from within. I am hoping to meet people who would share this thought.

Email: rf[at]dvfa.de