Raymond van Ermen


Raymond is Executive Director of European Partners for the Environment (EPE) since 1998. EPE facilitates the European Platform on Finance & Eco-Innovation. Raymond is also Member of the International Sustainable and Responsible Investment Advisory Committee of the Investment Bank BNP PariBas-FORTIS L Fund, (Frankfurt) . Earlier in his career, Raymond has been Secretary General of the European Environmental Bureau, He is a Member of the Permanent Forum of Civil Society. He drafted the “European Citizens Charter” and several Forum position papers on “Common goods and collective rights”. He is co-author of the book « Plan B, The European Citizens facing the European Union ».


Raymond is part of a group of experts which is drafting a “working paper in progress”, “Sustainable Banks: Trust and Leadership”. The group addresses two issues : (i) the role of the State within private banks and the ESG agenda. The group explores if and how the newly state owned banks should be turned into "sustainable" banks, with the possibility that they could be converted into "green" banks, (ii) “Financing the Low Carbon and Resource Efficient Economy and the Energy Revolution “ and the role of all European private Banks known as private banks, cooperative banks, saving banks, investment banks, retail banks, asset managers. A LinkedIn group on “sustainable banking” is welcoming comments. A series of roundtables will be facilitated in EU Member States as well as a Transatlantic Roundtable to take place in Washington.