Rebecca Darr

Current Activities:

In Rebecca’s work with the Aspen Institute, she is designing a prize competition to promote “future mindedness” in capital markets (more at She is also helping to develop a fellowship for future leaders in the financial ecosystem with the goal of creating a cadre of market actors who work for the common good when pressures dictate otherwise.


Rebecca Darr Litchfield is a Senior Fellow at The Aspen Institute Business & Society Program, where she works with companies, investors, and educators to promote the creation of long-term value for shareholders and society. She is also a co-founder and co-owner of Atayne LLC, a certified B Corp, which makes athletic apparel that is safe for people and the planet. Previously, Rebecca was an internal corporate responsibility consultant for the global member firms of Deloitte; she started her career as a strategy and operations consultant, primarily serving public sector and health organizations.

Rebecca holds a B.A. from Rice University, a M.B.A from the University of Michigan, and a post-graduate certificate in cross-sector partnerships from Cambridge University in England.


1) Efficient, effective capital allocation that helps to support new and growing businesses, in developed and developing economies, which aim to create financial profits and social/ environmental value

2) Supporting social intrapreneurs within companies, both big and small

3) Combating capital markets short-termism through a variety of strategies

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