Robert Walker


I am currently the London based SRI analyst for Credit Agricole Cheuvreux International. Previously I worked for Governance for Owners LLP (GO) where I was a Stewardship Services Manager responsible for governance and engagement analysis on UK companies as well as policy development and client relations. Prior to GO I was a team leader at PIRC a proxy voting agency, where I was responsible for the communication of voting stances and policy to institutional investors on corporate governance practices in the UK & US. Whilst at PIRC I also worked with Deutsche Bank on their corporate governance product 'Beyond the numbers'.


I have joined the network because I believe that brokers can play a key role between companies and institutional investors/pension funds by providing better research on Governance and sustainability issues that can satisfy the balance between short and long term views and help create value. Undoubtedly this won't be easy but I believe that networks like this will be pivotal to achieving this goal.

Email: rwalker[at]