Roger Clive Urwin


Roger Urwin is currently the Global Head of Investment Content at Watson Wyatt, having served as Global Head of Investment Consulting from 1995 to 2008. Roger joined Watson Wyatt in 1989 to start the firm's investment consulting practice and under his leadership the practice grew to a global team of 500. Roger’s current role includes responsibility for a number of the firm's major investment clients. He is also head of the Watson Wyatt thought leadership group (TAG). He is the author of a number of papers on asset allocation policy, manager selection and governance. Over the years, he has focused on the area of best-in-class investment governance. He recently co-authored a series of papers in partnership with Gordon Clark at Oxford University that examines governance best practice.


My current research includes risk, governance and sustainability of the pensions system. And the application of complexity theory to the institutional investment world. And how to master this technology which sends blogs out before you know it.

Email: roger.urwin[at]