Sandra Korn

Current Activities:

As a research analyst at Croatan Institute, I do research on socially responsible investing and sustainable finance, particularly focusing on investor engagement with public equities. My particular interests are in workers’ rights, LGBTQ equality and gender justice, and indigenous rights. I am interested in how investors can work alongside and support civil society and grassroots movements through shareholder engagement, investor letters, public press, and divestment campaigns.


Sandra Korn graduated from Harvard in May 2014 with an AB in History of Science and Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality, and an AM in History of Science. She now works as a research analyst for Croatan Institute, an independent research institute focused on social and environmental sustainability as it intersects with investment, based out of Durham, North Carolina. She organized with the Harvard Student Labor Action Movement for workers' rights on campus and helped found the Responsible Investment at Harvard Coalition, which exposed Harvard's unethical investments in global timber plantations and continues to work for a more sustainable university endowment. As a columnist for the Harvard Crimson, she wrote about the corporatization of higher education, feminism, and queer politics. She worked as an intern for In These Times and Dollars and Sense, and has written for the Nation and the Huffington Post.

Email: sandra[at]

Twitter: @sandraylk