Sanford Jacoby


I am a professor of management, public policy, and history at UCLA, where I've taught since 1980. I have a Ph.D. in economics from U.C. Berkeley. My most recent book was /The Embedded Corporation: Corporate Governance & Employment Relations in Japan and the U.S. /(Princeton Univ Press 2005). Since then I've studied foreign institutional investors in Japan and, a second project, the relationship between financial development and labor-market risk and inequality in the G-8.


My current project is to examine how labor unions are influencing corporate governance and financial regulation. I am focusing on the U.S., U.K., Germany, and Japan. Hence I am interested in pension fund activism, corporate governance, financial regulation, long-term rubrics, the meaning of "S", and the relationship between "S" and "G".

Email: sanford.jacoby[at]