Sanford Lewis


Sanford Lewis is an attorney  focused on environmental and securities law.  His clients include investors, institutions, NGO’s and coalitions, including the Investor Environmental Health Network (IEHN).   He is an advocate for reform of disclosure and accounting standards of the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the Securities and Exchange Commission, and for the right of shareholders to bring resolutions.   His law practice focuses on the drafting and defense of shareholder resolutions, and review of corporate SEC filings for sufficiency of disclosures related to sustainability and human rights.

In addition to law, Sanford Lewis also produces public policy videos, through his video company, Strategic Video. Previously he was the founder and director of the Good Neighbor Project for Sustainable Industries, and a part time instructor of Environmental Law in graduate programs at Tufts University and U.C.L.A. In his work at the Good Neighbor Project he developed a model for community-company negotiations on environmental and economic issues, negotiated in Good Neighbor Agreements and Corporate-Community Compacts. Sanford holds a BS in environmental science and urban communications from Rutgers University (Cook College) and a JD from the University of Michigan.


My 2009 report for IEHN, Bridging the Credibility Gap: Eight Corporate Liability Accounting Loopholes which Regulators Must Close  [link:] defines an approach to sustainable disclosure and

accounting principles  such as improved narrative disclosure of issues related to emerging ESG risks facing companies, better estimation and disclosure of contingent liabilities, and improved rights to bring

shareholder resolutions. I blog about my interests in disclosure and public policy at http://corporatedisclosurealert.blogspot.comand on Twitter as @sanfordlewis

Email: sanfordlewis[at]