Sarah Cleveland


Current Activities:

  • Investment consultant research project with Ceres/ INCR (Investor Network on Climate Risk) – Engaging investment consultants and investors on investing for the long term, and evaluating investment risks and opportunities presented by global resource limits and shifting demographics.  Phase 1 (2012): Interviews.  See link to Report.  Phase 2 (2012-2013): Roundtables.  Phase 3: ?
  • Sustainable investment education project with a global financial services firm
  • Environmental investing writing project with an asset manager


Sarah Cleveland is an independent investment consultant working in an unconventional role.  In 2011 she founded Sarah Cleveland Consulting to further industry efforts to make sustainability principles part of the investment process.  Sarah works on research, education and communication projects with financial institutions, NGOs and other organizations involved with the institutional investment industry. Previously she consulted with a broad range of institutional investors as senior consultant with Towers Watson Investment Services and Rogerscasey.

Sarah has collaborated on projects with the UN Environment Program Finance Initiative and the UN Global Reporting Initiative, and served as the North American liaison for Towers Watson’s sustainable investment team.  She has been involved in economic research and financial services for over 20 years, and active in the sustainable investment field since 2003.

Current service and affiliations:

  • Investment & Audit Committee member for The Russell Family Foundation;
  • Board member of the Northwest Earth Institute;
  • Advisory board member of the Journal of Environmental Investing;
  • Member, National Association of Corporate Directors; and
  • Member, US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment.


1.  How groups (boards and committees) make decisions and what motivates change.

2.  How capital markets can impact global resource allocation.

Tel: 508-816-5203