Scott Paul

Current Activities:

Currently I service as the Senior Fellow / Forest Program Director at Climate Advisers, a mission driven policy and politics shop dedicated to delivering a strong low-carbon economy. Climate Advisers brings together globally recognized thought leaders on climate and energy, forests and lands, and sustainable development. We specialize in breakthrough ideas informed by a deep understanding of complex policy and political challenges.

Among my many duties at Climate Advisers I manage our institutional responsibilities under the Chain Reaction Research project, a consortium initiative that conducts original sustainability risk analysis for financial analysts and investors. Our special focus is on sectors that deal with environmentally intensive commodities in the tropics. We explore whether unsustainable corporate practices and actions have introduced unreported risks – and how or whether sustainability leadership can mitigate those risks and possibly provide competitive advantage.


I have held senior positions at the world’s largest environmental organizations, served on the board of directors of a major global forest management certification system, consulted on corporate procurement policies, participated in the United Nations environmental policy dialogue, and served at The White House Office on Environmental Policy.

Throughout my career I have worked on both local and international issues, analyzing conditions and trends, managing message development and authoring organizational material. I have testified before local municipalities, spoken before the United Nations and appeared on national television and radio. I have designed and moderated conferences and seminars. Combined, this experience has given me expertise of the synergies and constraints between economic, social and environmental interests.

I am a native New Englander and avid sports fan who survived over two decades in Washington, DC before moving to the San Juan Islands in Washington State.

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