Shann Turnbull


Dr. C. S. Shann Turnbull has been a serial entrepreneur establishing a number of enterprises including Turnbull Krishnan & Associates (Investment banking) and three enterprises that became publicly traded (Vineyards, Cotton growing and Manufacturing). In 1965 he introduced advanced financial analysis to his country for the Australian Institute of Cost Accountants writing a Monograph on The Management of Capital. From 1967 to 1974 he was a co-founding member of a private equity group that acquired control of a dozen public companies that were re-organized to provide him experience as their chair, CEO, director and/or adviser. He began his mission to reform the theories and practices of capitalism in 1973 with his first refereed academic article Time Limited Corporations and in 1975 wrote his first book Democratising the wealth of nations. In 1975 he also became a founding promoter and author of the first educational qualification for company directors in the world. The course was exported through foreign aid programs.

He was a lecturer on community currencies for the E.F. Schumacher Society residential seminars held in six different US locations community leaders from 1982 to 1984. Attendees were inspired to establish the well known “Ithaca Hours”, “Deli Dollars” and “BerkShares”. His lectures notes were published as Chapters in: Building Sustainable Communities: Tools and concepts for self-reliant economic change.  He obtained Social Invention awards in 1986, 1993/4.

Shann is prolific author of academic and professional writings on reforming the rules for owning and controlling land, buildings, firms and currencies. As these techniques provided a basis for privatization he was invited to present his ideas in Czechoslovakia in 1990 and 1991 by the Central Research Institute for National Economy. In 1991 he presented his ideas in Beijing as a guest of the State Commission on Restructuring the Economic System of the Peoples Republic of China.

His PhD Thesis completed in 2000 grounded the study of social organizations in cybernetics to establish the science of governance. Two of his articles based on his PhD research were republished with the seminal contributions of leading scholars in the Corporate Governance volume of The History of Management Thought. In 2003 he designed and presented an elective MBA unit for educating governance architects at Macquarie University in Sydney.

He co-founded the Sustainable Money Working Group (SMWG) in October 2011 that was originally called the Green Money Working Group. The SMWG has two aims: 1. Provide emergency liquidity in the event of another financial crisis, and 2. Establish independent units of value to sustain complementary currencies in the event official currencies becoming degraded or break down. Shann has organised SMWG panel sessions in London 2012, 2013, 2014 (Jan & July), Split 2012, The Hague 2013, Nottingham 2013 and Sydney, 2013.

His bibliography and academic CV since obtaining his PhD in year 2000 has over 700 entries is posted at:

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