Simon Fischweicher

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I am entering my final year of Bard College’s MBA in Sustainability program. The majority of my SFM-related activities have been through Kathy Hipple’s finance class. I became aware of this network through one of Kathy’s visitors, Cary Krosinsky. However, I am also currently working remotely as an Analyst Intern for Governance & Accountability to help them with their GRI and Sustainability reporting data analysis. Furthermore, I have been actively investing my money for nearly four years and have attempted to use a sustainability lens when making investment decisions.

As I mentioned, I am in my second year of the Bard MBA in Sustainability program and looking for opportunities to drive change through sustainable business solutions. Upon graduation in May 2016 I am interested in a career in sustainable finance or sustainable business consulting. I am also interested in fall internships in this area. I currently work in outreach and public affairs at the Dana Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing brain research and educating the public. As I mentioned, I am also working remotely as an intern for the Governance & Accountability Institute as a GRI Analyst. One study I worked on examined how many of the S&P 500 companies are reporting on sustainability. The study I am currently working on analyzes what topics companies in different sectors are focusing on in the new GRI G4 report. I also worked as a Sustainability Consultant for ConEdison Solutions through Bard's NYCLab two-semester consulting project.


My core area of SFM-related expertise is sustainability reporting. This is an area of growing importance, especially with the rise of SASB. I, like many others in this field, believe many of the aspects including in GRI and SASB reports will be required by government regulators in the not so distant future. More and more these reports are required, unofficially, by institutional investors. In general, my expertise lie primarily on the sustainability aspect of sustainable finance, however, I am interested in continuing to develop my finance knowledge.

Email: sfischwe[at]
Telephone: (917) 825-2566