Sophia Tickell


Sophia Tickell is Founder and Partner at Meteos, a not-for-profit company that undertakes cross-sector, multi-stakeholder dialogues. Meteos specialises in working with the financial sector on how societal expectations and management of the natural environment affect long-term value creation. Our dialogues, focused on finance, health and the environment, provide a forum for senior figures in the corporate sector, civil society, public sector and investment worlds to share different perspectives on the major trends that will shape market, regulatory and societal outcomes in coming years.

Sophia is also:

  • Co-Director of BankingFutures (with Anne Wade, Leader’s Quest)
  • A Trustee of Green Alliance
  • Expert Advisor to GSK’s Board Level Corporate Responsibility Committee
  • Member of the Aviva GRI Advisory Board
  • Member of the Alliance Trust Sustainable Future Funds Advisory Committee
  • Member of the Doughty Centre Advisory Council of the Cranfield School of Management

Sophia is also the author of a number of publications, including the PharmaFutures Reports, the EnergyFutures report and most recently, Vital Connections: Science, Society and Sustaining Health.

Sophia was previously Chair of the Board at SustainAbility Ltd, as well as holding the role of Executive Director. Before that Sophia worked at Oxfam, undertaking advocacy training and leading Oxfam’s advocacy work on the private sector.