Steve Lydenberg


I am a Partner with Domini Social Investments LLC, a family of socially responsible mutual funds and a founding director of the Initiative for Responsible Investment at the Hauser Center in the Harvard Kennedy School. I was also a co-founder of KLD Research & Analytics. My work finds its grounding in research on the social and environmental records of publicly traded companies. I increasingly find that the definition of the theory of responsible investing, how it can be applied across asset classes, and the implications of that application for developing metrics, best practices, and effectiveness-assessment tools for these asset classes are tasks important to be undertaken.


The recent financial crises have made clear many of the limitations of the current investment practices of the mainstream financial community, in particular as they relate to risk management and the dominance of short-term price-based measurements of returns. I am particularly interested in work by regulators, financial professionals and academics that can develop new ground rules, principles, theories, and practices that rein in today’s excesses and direct finance to more sustainable enterprises that create greater long-term value for society.

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