Steve Podmore


Steve Podmore makes no apology for never formally having been a banker. Yet he has a vision for a highly innovative new financial institution.
As an entrepreneur with extensive and direct experience of the many nonsensical and damaging funding gaps in the investment landscape, Steve identified an interrelated group of system challenges as key drivers, and determined to unpick, understand and do something about them.
After several focussed years of development, the result is Transform Capital Management - a model for a Global Impact Investment Bank - of which Steve is Founder and CEO. Transform has devised a set of game changing innovations for how investment funds can be raised and deployed to address known market failures and risk and resilience threats around the world. Currently Steve is putting in place cornerstone partners, additional team and launch investment.
The focus is on creating, scaling up and speeding up intelligent funding mechanisms for early stage sustainable innovation, development and role out activity. Doing so to unlock vast pools of hidden potential - to remove some of the largest bottlenecks to solving climate, energy and resource challenges on a scale to make a difference.
With Transform founded as a social / commercial hybrid, and with governance and fulfilment of the social aims to be delivered via the Get Stuff Done Foundation, Steve has been heavily involved in some of the leading thinking on mechanisms for maximum social change.
Despite having no university degree, Steve has long established passions for education, quality, psychology and economics, and from scratch has devised a new macro economic theory. 'The Economic Food Chain Theory' is rapidly gaining acceptance as a breakthrough in economic thinking with profound implications. Steve has frequently spoken and written on these subjects and the related issues of sustainability, climate change, investment reform, change management and system innovation.
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My reason for being part of NSFM is to connect with like-minded people who have the ambition, skills and influence to do good and do well in the financial and related arenas. To learn and refine my knowledge, and to raise awareness of the Transform Capital Management direct and indirect methods of delivering economic and environmental recovery.
Interests include: True definition of fiduciary duty (long term v short term); climate risk as a threat to long term asset values; using the law to uphold responsible investment practice; the power of beneficiaries to influence trustees; public policy methods to rein in speculation and encourage long term investment; legal methods to force, or encourage, balanced / responsible capital allocation; madness of crowds v wisdom of intelligent groups; education of trustees and investment managers.

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