Steve Zwick

Current Activities:

Translating the economics of sustainable land use into simple language for a mainstream audience – because, let’s face it, if the mainstream doesn’t get it, we’ll never fix this mess.


Steve Zwick edits Ecosystem Marketplace, an online news service that reports on market-based solutions to environmental problems.  EM is published by non-governmental organization Forest Trends and funded by a diverse array of NGOs, governmental agencies, and private companies.  In addition to EM, he also contributes to mainstream publications like Forbes and financial publications like Futures  on a regular basis, as well as to a diverse array of publications geared to a more mainstream audience.

A native of Chicago, Steve began contributing to EM in 2006, after more than a decade writing about sustainable business for publications such as Time and Fortune. Steve’s background combines journalism, business and the environment—he studied journalism at Northwestern, worked as a runner at the Chicago Board of Trade, became a futures trader and then got involved in local environmental campaigns, which led to his writing career. He divides his time between Chicago and the Netherlands.


  1. The economics of sustainable land use and innovative financing to internalize externalities.
  2. Looking for groundbreaking pilot projects, lessons-learned, anything concrete that can be used to test the ideas we have been writing about for years.

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Twitter: @ZwickSteve