Stuart Kay

Stuart Kay


Stuart possesses 17 years of experience in corporate direction and operations, account leadership and business development, and technical real estate fields including real estate investment and advisory, real estate value add, asset energy efficiency, buildings systems and commercial office fitout/ renovation management, project management, sustainable cities, urban design and landscape architecture. He has assembled experience across the spectrum of disciplines that are required for optimised implementation of sustainable built environment and real asset endeavors at both the macro and micro levels that positively affect program financial profitability, along with the planet, its inhabitants and its ecosystems. He focuses on sustainably-driven investment and operational strategy at single asset, portfolio, infrastructure and city scales, and combining these sectors with the capital markets to provide compelling, profitable and scalable solutions toward building triple bottom line value creation across initiatives that consider sustainable best practice throughout all levels of their development, investment cycle and operations.

Stuart currently acts in the role of Chief Sustainability Officer at GreenPlace Assets. Prior to GreenPlace Assets, Stuart served as Director at KPMG, was Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Project Group Asia, Director at Cushman and Wakefield, and Project Director at ISG Asia. Prior to this time, he worked in roles of project direction, urban design and landscape architecture for both private practices and government. He acts as the Co-Chair of Sustainable Financial Markets Real Assets Working Group and is a member of the Asia Pacific Real Estate Association (APREA) Sustainability Roundtable. He holds senior relationships with various sustainability and real estate associations, is regarded as a leader in the sustainable real asset investment and advisory sector, and is a regular participant and speaker at industry events.


Challenging mainstream practices in the built environment to identify new pathways to a financially compelling, low carbon society.

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