Stuart Palmer



Dr Stuart Palmer is Head of Ethics with Australian Ethical Investment, an Australian ethical superannuation and investment firm. Stuart’s manages the firm’s corporate advocacy and engagement, and works with the ethical and investment research teams to ensure that the Australian Ethical Investment Charter is applied transparently and consistently, and in a way which takes account of a changing world.

Stuart has diverse practical experience collaborating with organisations to navigate the ethical dimension of their work. Prior to joining Australian Ethical, Stuart was Head of The Practice at St James Ethics Centre delivering consulting, leadership and learning programs and services in the private, public and not for profit sectors. He has also worked in the finance and investment sector as a partner at law firm Middletons Moore & Bevins and Head of Asset Securitisation at ABN AMRO Bank Australia. Stuart’s PhD is in philosophy of mind and his other interests include primary school ethics teaching and ongoing work with St James Ethics Centre.


Organisational culture and systems and their influence on decision making. How to assess this; how to change this. Frameworks and processes for good individual and group decision making.

Using a cross-disciplinary approach to build our understanding of these things (e.g. learning from:

- cognitive science and moral psychology

- (real and perceived) differences in individual, organisational and societal values and ethics

- the transformative role of markets - for good when operating effectively, for ill when not.)

Drawing on all this to understand how financial markets can best contribute to an effective response to climate change.

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