Tim Gieseke


Current Activities:

My activities focus on gaining a practical understanding the fundamental components needed to create tradable values within the context of an index-based agricultural sustainability portfolio. Practitioner’s experience includes agricultural production, landscape conservation, environmental science research and developing index-based natural resource portfolios. Policy experience includes corporate and NGO policy analysis at local, state and federal levels, development of a shared governance strategy and piloting projects associated with ecosystem service accounting and valuation strategies.


Tim Gieseke is founder and president of Ag Resource Strategies, LLC, a firm designed to integrate ecological and economic values at the landscape level by creating a multi-sided shared governance platform. This effort emerged from the perspectives of agriculture production, government conservation, environmental science researcher, farm bill policy analysis and business experiences which led to the recognition that achieving landscape sustainability will require a new economic and governance model.

Projects related to these efforts included the UN Foundation’s Solutions From the Land, Chesapeake Bay BMP Verification, Natural Capital Coalition’s Toward a Harmonizing Framework, 25x25 Climate Adaptation Strategy, The Sustainability Consortium’s KPI and Accreditation Program, and several local and state (MN) level environmental quality assurance projects.

Tim has a master’s degree in environmental sciences from Minnesota State University, authored (2011) EcoCommerce 101: Adding an ecological dimension to the economy and a Taylor & Francis CRC Press book, Shared Governance for Sustainable Working Landscapes (August 2016). Upon completion of this book, his ambition is to develop and pilot a multi-sided shared governance platform business model to enable transactions of ecosystem services values among landscape managers, utilities, governments, corporations and NGOs.


Tim’s core area of SFM-related expertise involves critical thinking in the transdisciplinary arena of landscape sustainability and how production, accounting, valuation and transactional processes of ecosystem services can be compatible with traditional economic transactions.  Tim understands the complex agro-ecological processes and how valuation strategies can influence behaviors to improve the value of tradable natural capital portfolios.  His research also focuses on organizational and social governance issues and how the shift in governance from hierarchy to market and network governance styles is a primary disruptive agent in valuing landscape sustainability.  A recent blog briefing: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ag-sustainability-follow-governance-footprints-tim-gieseke

Email: tim[at]agrsllc.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/timgieseke
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EcoCommercist
Tel: 507.359.1889