Tom Baumann


Tom is a sustainability expert and certified knowledge manager. Tom recently co-founded innovative start-ups in training, software and services. Tom’s focus is to help establish a robust system of knowledge content, tools, processes, expertise to enable effective solutions to sustainability issues.

Tom’s career includes roles as a senior manager in a government cleantech funding program, director at an international certification company; as well as co-founder of a non-profit and a specialized consultancy/software company (ClimateCHECK). Tom’s experience covers North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Tom has worked with 100s of organizations on climate change, clean technologies and sustainability.

Tom co-founded the GHG Management Institute, the world’s leading GHG training provider with 1000s of experts in over 100 countries. Tom co-founded Interactive Leader and led development of the Collaborase online platform - used by sustainability and green standardization initiatives implementing “Interactive Standards 2.0” systems.

Tom is International Chair of ISO climate change standards (ISO TC207/SC7 GHG management and related issues). As Chair of ISO TC207/SC7, Tom leads the efforts of 57 participating countries, 18 observer countries and 18 liaison organizations to develop international standards to meet the needs for GHG Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV). ISO TC 207/SC7 encompasses standards for GHG quantification, GHG verification and GHG accreditation (e.g. ISO 14064, 14065, 14066). Tom’s experience with GHG standards also includes WBCSD-WRI GHG Protocol, Climate Disclosure Standards Board, UNFCCC CDM, and various GHG programs.

Tom has a degree in environmental economics and completed graduate studies in climate change economics. Tom also has degrees in environmental engineering, and completed graduate studies specializing in GHG measurement, air pollution and clean technologies.


Tom's expertise is focused mostly on climate change and with a concentration on innovations with technologies, policy/strategies, and supporting infrastructure. Specifically, Tom expertise is grouped as: 1. Economics, policies and strategies for climate change - working with policy-makers and business leaders in support of pragmatic approaches 2. Technologies and solutions for climate change - working with engineers and technical experts to support new technologies/solutions 3. Capacity building for climate change - working with the spectrum of stakeholders with online collaborative platforms for knowledge creation, sharing and implementation to achieve policy/strategic goals 'faster, better, cheaper'

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