Tracey Rembert

Current Activities: 

  • Tracey directs the Investor Initiative for Sustainable Exchanges, a Ceres-organized coalition of investors mobilizing stock exchanges globally on ESG disclosure listing rules. She also oversees the Investor Network on Climate Risk’s Working Group of the same name.
  • She assists INCR members on ESG engagement and integration strategies.
  • She is currently working with BlackRock to produce 21st Century Engagement—a guide on ESG Engagement Strategies, to launch in Spring 2015.


Tracey is the Senior Manager for Investor Engagement at Ceres, and is responsible for network-building within INCR. She works closely with pension funds, foundations and endowments, union funds, asset managers, and sustainable investment funds to improve their investment practices on climate and sustainability issues, and to help investors better promote ESG practices at global corporations through shareholder engagement, regulatory advocacy, and strategic joint initiatives.

Tracey also specializes in stakeholder dialogue, CSR reporting, annual meeting strategy, proxy voting and voting guidelines, and network-building strategies for the investment community.

Before joining Ceres, Tracey managed the Shareholder Action Network, a national clearinghouse on shareholder activism and responsible investment launched by the Social Investment Forum in Washington, DC, where she also coordinated the Forum's Advocacy and Public Policy program. She later served as the Senior Corporate Governance Analyst and Coordinator of Corporate Engagement at the Service Employees International Union, where she led dialogues with companies, and investor campaigns, on issues ranging from climate risk and labor rights to independent board leadership, executive pay, and shareholder rights.

Tracey was also an analyst and governance advocate for Pax World Mutual Funds, and worked for Green America (formerly Co-op America) and the Center for a New American Dream. Previous to her shareholder engagement career, she was an environmental journalist, as a reporter at regional newspapers and as the Managing Editor of E/The Environmental Magazine based in Norwalk, CT.

She has an MA in English Literature with an environmental writing concentration from Humboldt State University, California. She is one of the first recipients of the Rising Stars of Corporate Governance Award from the Yale School of Management's Millstein Center for Corporate Governance and Performance (2008).


  • Sustainability and stock exchanges, and related exchange engagement and ESG listing rules
  • Corporate ESG engagement strategies
  • Corporate governance engagement strategies
  • Climate change and investing
  • ExxonMobil
  • Shareholder rights and proxy access
  • International and national shareholder coalition-building

Email: rembert[at]

Twitter: @TraceyRembert