Walker Robert


Robert Walker is the Vice President of Sustainability for The Ethical Funds Company, a Vancouver-based socially responsible investment company.

Formerly the executive director of the Social Investment Organization, the Canadian SRI industry’s trade association, Bob currently heads an 11-person Sustainability Department.

The Sustainability Department’s functions include: evaluating the environmental, social, and governance performance of all investments in The Ethical Funds Company family of mutual funds; implementing Canada’s leading Shareholder Action Program; and publication of Sustainability Perspectives, a “white paper” program designed to support the positions assumed by The Ethical Funds Company. The Sustainability Department also engages provincial, national, and international government agencies to advance socially responsible investment and corporate social responsibility in Canada and globally.

Bob holds degrees in Economics and Political Economy from McMaster University, Dalhousie University, and the University of Toronto.

Email: bwalker[at]northwestethical.com