Winnie Lau



Winnie Lau is an expert in payment for ecosystem services, particularly in blue carbon. She has worked with partners around the world to develop projects to test the viability of carbon financing in coastal environments. She has also worked with partners in Latin America to develop frameworks to harness private sector financing for managing the natural resources of the ocean, such as protecting beaches and coral reefs and sustainable fisheries.

Prior to working on conservation financing, Winnie was trained as an oceanographer and subsequently applied her scientific and environmental management training to international environmental policy. However, ever practical, Winnie moved onto conservation financing and project development to find real-world solutions to protecting the environment.


  • Facilitating public-private collaborations to finance conservation, especially in coastal and marine environments
  • Developing conceptual frameworks to implement payment for ecosystem services and other conservation financing mechanisms
  • Ensuring that the emerging blue economy approach to a sustainable ocean is supported by adequate financing for protecting the environment